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CRIOYO 3 [CrioyoOnlineNet]
Musica Crioyo Crioyo
Recently played
Izaline Calister
"SOÑA" (com. y arr.: D.R.) [wals-jazz-corsow]
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Tino Ruiz
"STRAUSS' MEDLEY" (com. y arr.: D.R.) [wals-instrumental-aruba]
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Dhaddy Brokke
"MI ISLANAN STIMA" (com. y arr.: D.Brokke) [wals-aruba]
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Nemencio Winklar
"BUCHI MARTI I OM FELIPI" (com. y arr.: D.R) [folklor-bonaire]
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Robert Maduro [Alma Folklorico]
"SHAP DEN SKINA" (com. y arr.: Tico Kelly) [tumba-aruba]
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Rufo Odor
"DEN BRISANAN DI ATARDI" (com.: Ernesto Rosenstand / arr.: D.R.) [bolero-aruba]
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Swinda Dap [Harmonia I Kueru]
"MI'N SA DI KON" (com.: Pierre Lauffer / arr.: D.R.) [dansa -corsow]
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Ellis [Tipico Santa Rosa]
"PAPA CHONGO" (com.: E.Martina / arr.: D.R.) [salsa-corsow]
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The Golden Strings (canto: Mylene Jossette) [companja: Eriberto Guiomar - Eric Ricones - Sergio barr
"MI'N SA" (com. y arr.: D.R.) [wals-aruba]
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Ana Thode [Foyan Boys]
"6'OR" (com. y arr.: D.R.) [folklor-bonaire]
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